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The development of MIDAS Family program, the first domestic structure analysis & structural optimization software, was initiated in 1989 in order to bring about the technical localization and strengthening of our competitiveness. It took 10 years under the efforts of MIDAS technical teams to create the software.

Since 1996, MIDAS IT Family program has been applied to more than 5,000 projects at home and abroad to prove its superiority and reliability. MIDAS IT has demonstrated excellence in structural technology by exporting the software to the United States, Japan, and Europe. In February 2001, MIDAS IT made the Korea’s first export of scientific software, and has grown as a global network company, exporting to more than 40 countries through local subsidiaries in the United States and China and 17 overseas branches.

MIDAS Family Program is widely used by engineers around the world engaging in construction, civil engineering, ground, and mechanics. In order to achieve our vision of becoming a world class global engineering solution developer and provider, we will expand the CAE S/W development technology, our core technology, to the future engineering and business fields including ship construction, aeronautics, electronics, environment, and medicine.