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MIDAS IT's reputation expands to 160 global experts and exports engineering software to more than 40 countries. This is made possible through a global network of American and Chinese subsidiaries and 17 overseas branches. MIDAS IT plans to expand its CAE S/W simulation technology to other engineering and business fields including construction, mechanics, ship construction, aeronautics, environment, and medicine.

Based on the specialized structural analysis and structural optimization application technology in the engineering and web business fields, MIDAS IT is recognized as a world class construction engineering group. In addition, MIDAS is a web based business solution provider that is developing a global portal brand and service system for opportunities in markets overseas.

Everyone at MIDAS IT is passion driven in making the company proactive, enthusiastic, and energetic. With our proprietary software, MIDAS IT has made many dreams turn into reality and continues to set the bar to new heights.

MIDAS Program development and Sales exports MIDAS Family Programs to more than 40 countries through our global network including local subsidiaries in the United States and China, and 17 overseas branches.
In addition, we promote commissioned software development and business services from research institutes and companies at home and abroad.
MIDAS IT is leading the civil industry with structural analysis and structural optimization software modeling and simulating tall buildings, large-sized structures, and special structures.
We have helped in the advancement of domestic structural technology through our research and development in the specialized technologies such as safety evaluation & health monitoring, vibration measurement & real-time monitoring and vibration control, Structural damage and evaluation, wind-resistance and wind-induced vibration control.
Through collaborations with research institutes from abroad, we are seeking opportunities in the overseas markets to develop our organization into a world class construction engineering consulting group.
Developing online housing homepages with HousinX, an internet housing integrated management solution, construction integrated cyber education system and construction area management system, MIDAS IT has grown as a leading company with domestic online housing portal brand & service systems.